The shame

What is shame? According to the dictionary: “a negative emotion that involves the whole individual with respect to his own inadequacy, the realization of having done something for which we can be seen by others totally opposite to what we would have wished.” For more than a year we were writing on this site about how we were extremely concerned about the high rate of violence and intolerance that is mounting in Kosovo and Metohija. For more than a year we have pointed out the terrible episodes of intolerance that from time to time have declined in the phrases written by spray, assaults, and minimization on the part of those responsible to understand and monitor.
As a response to our alarms, we were told that the situation was under control, that diplomacy is working carefully, that the soldiers respect their duties and are even strengthening the defense systems of the Monastery and ushering in new ways to make the area more secure.
Nobody of politicians, diplomats, military personnel and the press release journalists, has entirely taken into consideration our concerns,  but they continued repeating  a politically correct mantra: “Kosovo is a peaceful country, where horrible situations from the past could not happen again.”

Well, today the Monastery of Decani has awakened, within its walls – with the wounds inflicted by delirious spray cans, who penned on the walls and places where the daily monastic activity goes on – obscene phrases praising the “ black caliphate,” so-called Is, and eternal Uçk, the Albanian terrorist army always ready and good for any occasion.

No one of us will write more, the violence of the photos are perfectly able to explain the terrible tragedy that has happened.
We would like, however, to know what the  diplomacy thinks, if they still believe that Kosovo is peaceful and that repeated acts of intolerance are the negligible episodes; what the Italian-led military force thinks, that has the task to secure and guard the site and, consequently, of the monastic community; what all those journalists  who have understood their craft solely as inert reporting about a new climate of peace will write now.
Faced with this situation that happened in Decani, we try only be ashamed of.
Shame is also on the authorities of our country and on all those who had been “warned” of the heavy climate that is ongoing in Kosovo and Metohija.
To all the others, to the people of good will and free mind, we can only offer our reflection: “Once again violence, impunity and inefficiency once again, once again a sense of defeat: when do we come to realize the extreme gravity of this situation?”
To the question, we have only one certainty: no one can say I did not understand, no one can pretend that he/she was not warned, no one can exclaim: I had not realized.