In the name of love

The wedding itself is a choice made in the name of love. It is the choice you make when you feel ready to take on a life together, aware of the difficulties that often it involves, as well as the role that you and your bellowed one are to undertake. Alena and Giovanni, our friends from Turin, made a wonderful wedding, celebrated by our dear Father Ambrogio, in the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Massimo Vescovo of Turin.

But in addition to their personal and private love story, Alena and John wanted to show their deep love for the suffering people of Kosovo and Metohija, and decided to donate their wedding gifts to our association.
They gathered family and friends, presenting them their generous idea: “We thank everyone for participating in our wedding, but instead of a traditional gift we invite you to be sensitive with a gesture of solidarity with those who live every day in a state of necessity.”
Friends have understood the message and we received an important and generous donation.

In the name of Alena and Giovanni’s love, we bought food for those who had nothing to eat, we have paid debts to those who were not able to make payments, due to the contracts with the electricity operator (as is unfortunately frequent in Kosmet) and we have funded some project activities that will be disclosed in the very short time. Since we do not want to reveal the surprise yet, for now we can only put forward the names “Preko mora” and “Hocavillage.”

Alena and Giovanni are an example and an inspiration, they represent the perfect doctrine of Christian marriage, which does not ignore the difficulties, but leads to the joy and love of the Creator.
Awaiting them in Kosovo and Metohija, so that they can give an account of the shoots that their seeds have already made, we can only wish the happiness to the bride and groom as well as a happy life, beautiful as their heart and pure as their love.

Thanks, and in Serbian language hvala, to Alena and John.