“We cannot say to the monks of Kosovo  - now you are on your own - and so abandon them to their fate.” The warning made by Massimo Cacciari caught the attention of the large audience, over three hundred people, in the Sala Borsa, during the presentation of the book by Monika Bulaj and boys and girls of Velika Hoca, “The Miracle of the eyes: A dogged pursuit of a moment.”
The commitment of the Venetian philosopher for the specificity of Eastern Europe, as a hallmark of deeper European identity has been known for a long time now. When we feel it again, it can only make us happy.

The day in Bologna, started thanks to  support of the Director of the Cinematheque of Bologna, Gian Luca Farinelli, that has opened with an unusual encounter. Thanks to the interest of Antonella Tandi and Sonia Gamberini, creator and president of the Giardino dei guasto, the kids from Velika Hoca, who participated in the seminar “Photographers on stilts,” performed in a parade in this beautiful garden in Bologna.
Introduced by Milena Naldi, President of District San Vitale and accompanied by the beautiful music performed by Circolo Odeon Trio, our boys and girls have colored, with a joyful parade beautiful garden structures, concluding the meeting around a table laden with the specialties from all over the world which represented a true encounter between cultures and peoples.

In the afternoon, the focus has moved to the Auditorium Biagi Sala Borsa, where Massimo Cacciari and Monika Bulaj, presented the photographic book “The miracle of the eyes.”
Designed as the final stage of the workshop held by Monika last August, the book contains images captured by the young people during the workshop, as well as two extraordinary texts of Massimo Cacciari and Monika Bulaj.
“This book - says Monika - wants to be a hymn of hope, wants to sow in young people the certainty that a peaceful coexistence between people of different ethnicities and religions, is not only possible but it is actually feasible. Many of my guys and girls found themselves for the first time to perform in front of an Albanian audience, but the magic of the show was so engaging that has enabled us to overcome every fear, giving everyone a smile. We will come back to dance on the bridges of Kosovo in a larger project, involving Albanians, Serbs and Roma, which will educate all of them the coexistence and hope.”

“The responsibility for peace is all ours - said Massimo Cacciari - it is up to us to provides ourselves with the ability to understand the absolute value of this part of Europe, not to consider other than us as worse, nor we should abandon them.”
The auditorium filled with an attentive audience applauded enthusiastically during the presentation of ten young photographers, who have lingered to sign autographs.

Below, in the courtyard of the Palazzo D’Accursio in Piazza Maggiore, has unfolded the vernissage of the exhibition (open every day until 29th June). Antonella Tandi, left the cutting the ribbon, to one of the boys from Kosovo and Metohija.
Accompanied by the incredible sounds of Jacopo Barone and Gianluca Sia, the attendees were able to admire the works conceived during the workshop.

In the evening in the beautiful setting of Piazza Maggiore in the giant screen set up for the festival “Cinema under the Stars,” Gian Luca Farinelli and Monika Bulaj, presented a preview of a few minutes of the broader work on his own experience in Monika Kosovo and Metohija.

Unbelief and the smiles of children, in recognizing in the beautiful images shot in Velika Hoca and projected the shadow of San Petronio, we hope, may be the most beautiful gift of this extraordinary adventure. The evening ended with the screening of Kusturica’s film, “Do you remember Dolly Bell?”

Friends of Decani would like to thank:
Gian Luca Farinelli and all the staff of the Municipal Cinematheque of Bologna
The Municipality of Bologna and a special thank you to the office of the Ceremonial
Milena Naldi and the District of San Vitale
Colonel Carlo Emiliani for support, Fuji Italy and Marika Gherardi, eng. Rade Berbatov from the Embassy of Serbia in Italy.

The photos of the events are courtesy of Srdjan Kujundzic

Special thanks to:
Silvia Battistini, Michele Salvo, Dejan Kusalo, Uglješa Vukovic and Marco Valbusa, without their big heart, none of this would have been possible