Hoca habla espanol

Thanks to the unselfish engagement of our volunteer  Martina Lavado, 27 years old girl born in Argentina, from January “The Friends of Dečani” has founded the permanent course of Spanish language in enclaves Velika Hoča and Orahovac.

The course is structured into 3 classes: beginners, intermediate and advanced, and it is addressed both to school children and adults.
“We have had a great success concerning  enrolments – tells us Martina – there are more than 40 attenders in Hoča and about twentyish in Orahovac. Every participants has taken seriously the course attendance and the results can be already seen.  It is beautiful to observe their everyday progress, especially concerning the youngest ones who put together with the course lessons, the vision of many Spanish TV series that Serbian television broadcasts in Spanish language.”

Martina, using her experience of  educator in Buenos Aires, has developed an interactive course, offering to the participants a teaching method, going from the linguistic notions to the Latin dance learning, creating in this way the first extracurricular experience in schools of Velika Hoča and Orahovac
“When I was little  – tells us Bojana, one of the advanced level course participant – for us it was impossible to watch Serbian television. There were just channels in foreign languages such as Turkish, English, Spanish. Since then I was fascinated by the musicality of the Spanish language but I had not , at least until today, the opportunity to practice it”.
“It is wonderful to have the possibility to learn another language and culture – says Marija – we are all lucky, adults and little ones, to have this opportunity in our village.”

The emancipation of the sad conditions in enclaves arrives also from this kind of experience that the volunteers of our association is carrying out by sacrifice and joy.