Founded in 1963, after the catastrophic earthquake in Skopje, “The  Noble Enterprise” is the most prestigious recognition for the organisations or individuals distinguished by humanitarian activities.

The prize is organised by the daily "Večernje Novosti", that has selected for over 51 years the most important humanitarian activities, giving them the visibility and renown in the whole of Serbia.

The jury, traditionally chaired by the well-known academician and poet Matija Bečković , formed by writer Dušan Kovačević, General Zoran Šegrt, well-known basket player Dejan Bodiroga, actress Tanja Bošković,  water polo player Aleksandar Šapić, director Veselin Jevrosimović , stylist Verica Rakočević and general manager and  editor in chief of the “News" Radomir Ratko Dmitrović, also this year has assigned prestigious prizes.

Among winners this year, along with the Russian aid troops  helping during the floods that lashed Serbia,  Suzana Stanković who donated the part of the skin to her young student for the surgical operation, the memory of the heroic fireman Dejan Lazarević perished during the rescue work throughout spring floods in the village of Gorovič, there is our Association that from this moment on, by right is considered one of the greatest humanitarian associations in Serbia.

The official reason for the prize, that honoured us, is following:  “for the proved friendship  to Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, for the everyday engagement in order to improve living conditions of our compatriots, for all humanitarian activities carried out.”

Father Andrej Sajc from the Prizren seminary and great ambassador of Serbian people with Italy, has immediately declared: “This is the greatest recognition that has not make us forget how big are things we have to do yet. We are very happy today and this prize is to be shared with all volunteers that helping our association have contributed to make us better. Thank you “Novosti” and thank you “The Friends of Dečani".