Hoca habla espanol

Thanks to the unselfish engagement of our volunteer  Martina Lavado, 27 years old girl born in Argentina, from January “The Friends of Dečani” has founded the permanent course of Spanish language in enclaves Velika Hoča and Orahovac.


Founded in 1963, after the catastrophic earthquake in Skopje, “The  Noble Enterprise” is the most prestigious recognition for the organisations or individuals distinguished by humanitarian activities.


Our promoting partner and the member of the board of directors, the Lieutenant General  Danilo Errico, has received the prestigious appointment - the Chief of the Army General Staff. The General Errico (read here the short biography) always  by our side, has contributed decisively to the foundation of our association.

In the name of love

The wedding itself is a choice made in the name of love. It is the choice you make when you feel ready to take on a life together, aware of the difficulties that often it involves, as well as the role that you and your bellowed one are to undertake.

The shame

What is shame?