Тhe Shar Mountain Fawn

Šarsko Lane or the Shar Mountain Fawn is a shelter, situated in the Brezovica mountain area. More than sixty children, aged between 2 and 6, have been housed in the shelter. Milojka Krstičić manages the hotel with care and attention of a true mother and almost no income, apart from few donations from Serbia or relief organizations. There are no textbooks or standard school supplies, almost nothing apart from few and overused colour pencils. "Everything has to be done with what we’ve got", Milojka says with a smile, surrounded by young teachers who are passionate about their work and their love for the children, while receiving monthly salaries of 200 Euros that cover but their contractual obligations.

We love this shelter and have decided to support it. Since there are no continuous projects, we found a will to return here and rediscover it from time to time, bearing gifts.