Belonging to the Future

BF, Belonging to the Future, is a business branch of our association that offers small grants to students from the Serbian community in Kosovo. Many families, already barely surviving and facing tangible poverty, struggle to continue financing their children’s graduate studies, which have to be conducted outside their places of residence in the city of Mitrovica (northern Kosovo), for the local University represents the only academic institution that provides lectures in Serbian language.

In a country with the average monthly income of 250 Euros per capita paired with an extremely high level of unemployment (particularly within the Serbian community), a continuous financing of one’s children’s graduate studies, along with provision of necessary academic supplies, such as textbooks or computers, prove to be impossible missions.

Our association provides small amounts of financial support , usually not more than 200 Euros, in order to enable students and their families to overcome moments of the gravest crisis or to provide an adequate support for completing an academic course a student has already enrolled into.